When mom becomes a milk machine, and my weekly menu

So last week I came down with mastitis. I guess 1 in 5 women get it in the first few weeks after giving birth. Great – I love being part of those types of statistics.

I noticed Wednesday that I wasn’t feeling that fabulous and by mid day I knew what was coming. So I started nursing baby on that side first and as often as she wanted. I even pulled up KellyMom.com but unfortunately didn’t have any of the natural remedies that were mentioned in the house. I could feel a fever coming on and I broke out the pump, fighting it every step of the way. Another round of antibiotics was not what I wanted. So that’s where I was for 2 days last week. Pumping and Nursing. Nursing and Pumping. And the water, oh the water! I drowned myself in as much as I could handle. After awhile I felt like cow out to sea!

Thursday brought around a high fever and body aches so after trying for 2 whole days to rid myself of it, I finally called in to the doc for a prescription. I’m now midway through the pills, and now I’m afraid of what 2 rounds of antibiotics in 5 weeks are going to do to my body.

So I’m overhauling my diet again. I’ve been lax on controlling the amount of sugar I eat (which of course also hurts my immune system) and I know I haven’t been eating enough green veggies. I also need to make sure I’m eating enough “good bacteria” so I’m going to try and make a yogurt or kefir smoothie most nights.

breakfast – whole wheat blueberry muffins, banana,
lunch – salad
snack – fruit
dinner – steaks, baked potato, broccoli
snack – smoothie

breakfast – soaked oatmeal with maple syrup, orange
lunch – tuna sandwiches, cut veggies
snack – fruit
dinner – homemade macaroni and cheese, steamed veggies

breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, fruit
lunch – salad
snack – fruit
dinner – burrito bake
snack – smoothie

breakfast – soaked oatmeal, smoothie
lunch – egg salad sandwiches, cut veggies
snack – muffin
dinner – roast chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies
snack – homemade popcorn

breakfast – omelets with veggies
lunch – homemade chicken noodle soup
snack – fruit
dinner – salad, spaghetti
snack – smoothie

breakfast – GF pancakes, fruit
lunch – leftovers or eat out
dinner – homemade pizza with side salads
snack – possibly gonna try and make ice cream with honey

breakfast – fried eggs, fruit
lunch – beef stew with lots of veggies
dinner – salad
snack – smoothie

*and if anyone has some great veggie dishes, I’d love to know!
About Donielle

Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.