Whole Foods on the Go with the PackIt System

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Eating a whole foods diet can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially when you’re on the go, or without a refrigerator at work. One of my biggest downfalls is that I’ll leave for the day and not bring any food with me, leaving me hungry and apt to buy food at *gasp* a restaurant that makes their food quickly. And the times that I have brought food with me, I find that it doesn’t stay cold enough, long enough. Lasting just a few hours. Todd seems to have the same issue when he brings a cooler to work. And somehow the ice packs never come home with him…..

I recently came across these PackIt lunch boxes that looks promising. Not only is it the lunch pack, but it’s the ice pack as well, so no extra bulk inside taking space from a full lunch. When empty and folded it’s only 8″x5″x2″, easy to store in the freezer without taking up a ton of space, so it’s always ready for use. The best part is, it stays cold for 10 hours!

Picture 17

That’s long enough for me when I spend a day in town running errands,because due to high gas prices and living in the middle of nowhere (or at least close to the middle of nowhere) I tend to take one day and do all of my business and shopping at once. That means I need to bring snacks for the littles and lunch for us all. I definitely could have used it when visiting my sister a couple weekends ago and having to drive three hours each way, plus stopping at the outlet malls on the way there. I ended up eating out instead of eating good food. Even Todd could use this to bring to work and it would last through the day.

Right now you can even check out the PackIt lunch boxes website where you can purchase one and get one free. So you get two lunch boxes for just $19.95. A great way for me to always have at least one in the freezer ready to go. Or send one to work with Todd, and still have one ready for me when I need it.


How would you use a system like this? I can easily see myself packing it with hard boiled eggs, quality cheese, fruit, and cut veggies. And with it’s long lasting ice pack, I can even add in some yogurt or a small jar of milk.

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Donielle is an amateur herbalist and natural momma to two littles (with another babe in heaven) after dealing with being less than fertile. She has a passion for nourishing nutrition, natural living, and spreading the word on how food truly affects our health.


  1. I have a packit, and I really like it. I used it this summer for lunches at the zoo, and currently use it to bring food whenever I am traveling the 3 hours to visit relatives.

    I have never had it out for 10 hours, so I can’t verify that claim, but I do think my food stays much colder in the packit compared to traditional “insulated” lunchbags with freezer packs etc. The longest I have used it is 4 hours and things have stayed very cold. In the summer, I usually only had it out an hour or so before we were eating all the food in it, so I can’t say if it stays refrigerated for 10 hours in 90 something F summer heat.

    I can’t imagine fitting enough food for more than once person all day long into one packet lunch box though… When you are packing for yourself and your kids, do you bring more than one? Or little snacks that don’t need to be cold? This summer, I could fit 2 (carefully packed) lunches (one for me and one for my 11 year old).

    I have packed a smoothie before for the zoo. I have also packed Baba Ganoush, fermented cod liver oil, and fruits that I prefer chilled to take on a 3 hr car trip. I haven’t taken cheese or eggs yet, but my experiences have been good and I will probably try it at some point.

    My only real wish with the packit is that they had a larger size (the size of a small cooler) for family packing.

    donielle Reply:

    @Kristen, My kids are only 5 and 2, so they don’t eat a ton and I usually just bring enough to keep me from getting hungry, so I’m figuring this would be large enough. And I would LOVE to see a larger one. That would be perfect for family trips.

    Kristen Reply:

    @donielle, that makes sense. Besides, if it gets to be too small, you could always take the second one too.