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I seem to be bursting with news a bit today and figured I’d just fill you in all in one shot!


I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve confirmed my plans for heading to the Blissdom Blogging Conference! In two weeks from now, I’ll be hanging out in the Opryland Hotel with about 500 other women networking and chatting about blogging. If you don’t dabble in the world of blogging, this so happens to be one of the go to  conferences and things happened in just the last week that enabled me to go. And when I think about it, I’m so glad I chose to “blog”! While much of the time will be spent learning, we also get to have fun and party!

I will be leaving my kiddos for multiple days for the very first time, so I am a bit apprehensive, but I think overall it will be a great experience. If you could remember to keep me in your prayers in the coming weeks as I prepare to leave, drive the 10 hours down there with some local blogging friends, and be away from my family I’d greatly appreciate it!

Natural Fertility Workshop Giveaways/Discount

From yesterday all the way up until enrollment for the Natural Fertility Workshop closes on January 22, I’ll be giving away a full scholarship EACH day. Yup, you heard that right! Each day I’ll randomly pick a subscriber that will receive free admission to the class. Just sign up and confirm the subscription e-mail to be entered!! You’ll also receive a coupon code for 30% off the cost of enrollment should you not win. 😉

Fertility and Nutrition LIVE Chat

Tonight I’ll be on for an open Q and A on nutrition and fertility. If you never saw my post about Physiic last November, it’s basically a live video conference, so you’ll get to come hang out with me for a half hour! When you sign up for an account you get 10 free credits to try out any one of the classes (mine or if you’d rather get your booty in shape, an exercise course) for free. This Q and A class is just 4 credits. So I’d love it if you would like to sign up to hang out with me for a bit and talk about foods!! Just search the lecture based workshops and you’ll find me!

Sugar Detox Challenge

Just one more thing before I get out of your hair for the day – if you haven’t signed up for the Sugar Detox Challenge quite yet, you still can! I have it set up to automate any previous weeks challenges to you so you don’t miss out. As it stands right now, we have 472 people signed up and ready to make a change in their diets!! I mean seriously…..472?!? That number has me completely blown away!! I’m so thankful to those who have told their friends and helped me spread the word…truly thankful.

We’ve also been busy on the NKU Facebook page; readers have posted pictures of what they’ve purged from their pantry’s and refrigerators. We’ve even started a few topics on the discussions tab to glean information and support. This first week of the challenge included a welcome video, a few reasons why we want to stay away from sugar, information about high fructose corn syrup, as well as the challenge!

Even if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you can sign up and participate! I’ve had this question a lot the past week, and when we get to a point where I feel it may be to limiting for you mommas, I’ll be sure to let you know where you can stay busy sustaining instead of going further into the challenge. And eating a low sugar diet is really important during pregnancy as it directly affects the gut health of your new baby as well as his or her immune system. It can also lower your chances of testing positive for Group B Step, and dramatically lowers your chances of dealing with yeast based issues after the birth like mastitis, thrush, and yeasty diaper rashes.

And if at any time you no longer want to participate, you can easily unsubscribe! I won’t take it personally…really…*sniff*sniff*

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